Design between Enduro and Motocross - The SCRAMBLER from UGEARS

The classy expression of high engine performance is particularly attractive when the dirt is simply flying around your ears. Motocross riders are a species of their own and are more than satisfied with their dirt bike when it is able to howl at an angle between mud and rubble. In this respect, the so-called„Scrambler“ those crazy conquerors of the skies the opportunity to behave a bit more civilized in a street-worthy way. It is not without good reason that the street cars that became popular in the 1950s are experiencing a renaissance and are being produced by well-known motorcycle brands and are coveted targets for many motorcycle fetishists. The design alone of the steel beauties, located between enduro and motocross machines, is convincing and is finding more and more fans among loyal motorcycle fans.

That IUGEARS®, one of the most famous manufacturers of wooden models in steampunk style, is now dedicating itself to this collector's item of the motorcycle scene, is no coincidence. One look is enough and the motorcycles, which are also similar to a custom bike, become monuments made of wooden puzzle pieces. There is no doubt that this wooden construction, consisting of a total of 380 components, deserves a place in the showcase of every motorcycle and model building enthusiast. The individual parts, laser-cut and made from sustainable wood, do not require any glue and are therefore designed to be suitable for children. As a result, this novelty addresses the family project education and this in several ways.

The mechanical model kit«Scrambler UGR-10 with sidecar» is not only an artistic visual work, which was designed in the style of retrofuturism, but also a technical one. The motorcycle, equipped with a rubber engine in the form of a boxer engine, offers a display of the high-horsepower drive thanks to its open-work design. The still life thus forms a bridge to the aforementioned steampunk, which tries to present old technology in a new fashion. This post-modern type of revived retro style works solely through its eye-catching design. The brand manufacturerUGEARS® has done a great job here and offers a miniature work of art in a do-it-yourself kit principle. The optics should not only inspire every motorcycle lover, but also every model building lover and technology fan. The wheels alone, with their strong profiles, testify to the hard work that a motorcycle needs to move on difficult terrain. Here, the soil is plowed through, so to speak, and the crowd should applaud accordingly.

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