About Ugears

Ugears 3D wooden models the new dimension of puzzles!!

In each of us there is a hobbyist, a designer or just someone who likes to create and finish something with their own hands. The unique mechanical 3D wooden puzzle from Ugears are the ideal opportunity for young and old to be creative at home, to be challenged and to have fun doing it.

Whether trucks, theaters or trams, the Ugears range includes various model kits in different degrees of difficulty. Beginners should start with the 48-part dynamometer. The more advanced can venture into the steam locomotive, where 460 components have to be put together. 

All Ugears models have in common that they generate a mechanical movement after successful assembly. Turning the cogwheel of the theater puts the heroes of the drama into action so that they chase one another. The tram with its retro flair can be set in motion by operating a gear. Each model surprises with one or more functions.

Ugears is a young company that develops and produces the 3D wooden puzzles with a lot of love, precision and creativity. The models are available as ready-to-assemble plug-in kits with prefabricated components made of high-quality plywood. The practical: Neither glue nor special tools are required to assemble the Ugears models. They are suitable for hobbyists aged 14 and over.

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