Ugears Games



    At Ugears, we are real fans of board and role-playing games. We are also very busy people and we want to avoid the unnecessary frustration and hassle that comes with preparing for the tournament and handling game elements while playing. All of this takes precious minutes to hours. That spoils the fun. That's why we thought about how we can make the game easier by reducing the number of operations and insteadfocus on the game.

    This is the beginning of our new collection: a range of smart and useful gadgets for real board game lovers who like the challenge and excitement of a game and appreciate the beauty of the clever mechanisms:The card holder, the dice tower, the card box, the GM screen and the dice holder. In October 2018, the Ugears game collection was successfully presented on Kickstarter and financed by almost 3911 supporters from 81 countries on 5 continents.

    The Ugears game collectiontakes your gaming experience to a new level: Our new devices ensure that you can explore your gaming universe boldly and without distractions and interruptions.