Ugears MINT

    Learn how machines and mechanisms work

    Ugears takes educational mechanical models for kids and adults to the next level with its latest offering of advanced learning techniques and loads of fun.

    STEM - the term that is widely used these days, stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This is because STEM is a huge part of the mainstream curriculum design in education. In practice this means that educators put individual disciplines aside and instead rely on a competence and project-based approach. In other words, it makes learning more interesting and engaging.

    Ugears new model range adopts the STEM name and its main idea. With every model you get a STEM project model kit and a challenge. You have everything you need to build it in the box, so all that remains is to decide who to use for your project..

    Each of the mechanical models in the STEM-Lab series is an interactive study guide on a mechanism. Assembling it with your own hands will give you a complete, deep understanding of the principles of functionality.

    Expand your learning experience even further with the Ugears Augmented Reality App AR App. Point your tablet or mobile phone at a fully assembled STEM-Lab model and the app will show you the various uses of the mechanism you have just built. You will see how it is used in machines, buildings and civil engineering. Explore it at different angles as you zoom in and out.n.